Collection: The independent web (indieweb)

Recently I found that it exists - and have been mesmerized since then. The independent web is a set of technologies, that allows pretty much everyone to have all the good things of the social web like likes, comments, reposts, etc.. but decentralized on their own sites.

What got me hooked?

First, it was this video:

So what is it all about?

The basic idea is to have a personal site instead of all those profiles one might have on twitter, facebook, instagramm, linkedin etc etc.. and the conncet that site with others.

This has a number of advantages:

  • For me most importantly: You get to moderate your own feed.
  • You own your content - nobody can switch the site down (e.g. google+) or hide / delete your posts
  • COPE - create once publish anywhere
  • You can have your site as individual or standard as you want it

Fine, but this is too complicated for me

The indieweb community is awesome. They have made it super-simple for everyone to jump on the train. allows everyone without any tech-knowledge to just start right away for 5$/month.

If you want a bit more, there are e.g. plugins for Wordpress . There's also a full CMS for the indieweb:

If you have your presence up already, there's an abundance of tools to connect you, my personal preference:

OK, but my ecosystem is on twitter, instagram ...

Sure, again COPE - create once publish anywhere. has cross-posting to twitter integrated by default. does the trick for many other platforms

Wow, anything else?

The indieweb comes also with readers:

There's a twitter-clone with some traction:

Here's a directory of personal sites on the indieweb:

Come join the independent web! (That's what I'm doing now..:] )