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Hi! I'm Jonas and at sumbee.net I'm exploring the depths between human and machine intelligence.

We live in a fantastic and sometimes frightening world today, a dream of humanity has become true. What do I say - many dreams of humanity have become true! Humans can fly. We can tap with a finger and whatever we wished arrives within the same day at our frontdoor. Billions of prayers "God - can't this freaking broom do it's duty alone!" have been heard. There are automations available and in use for every single aspect of securing our life-basis. Soon no human will be required anymore for ensuring a steady supply of goods to all of us.

But instead of laying back, let the things do what they do, enjoy life and feel free, most of us are working harder than ever (on a grand scale average). In banking, marketing, IT and many other "services"-industries, we restlessly crave to secure a bigger share of the pie for us or our organization. We have not yet realized: What was once scarce is now abundant. We can't let go. It's too frightening and we do whatever it takes to stabilize the wavering system. Will we wake up?

What does it take to get from here to there? How can we circumvent the pitfalls and ensure that it really materializes as a utopia and not a dystopia? Where's my place in this new world and how do I find it? This is the topic I want to explore in this blog. With practical guides, technology reviews, fact-based analysis and general discussion. I hope you enjoy!

Jonas Krauss
Jonas Krauss

Jonas is a passionate agilist, bi/ml tinkerer and full-stack-developer, exploring the depths between human and machine intelligence.